Text the Fridge!

Text the Fridge!

June 1st, 2018

UPDATE: You can also text “TRUCK” to the same number to find out what food truck is on site!

Want an instant update for to-go cans in the fridge? text “FRIDGE” to 267-214-4211 to find out!

Have you ever been sitting at work on a Friday, anxiously awaiting 5 o’clock to strike so you can high-tail out of there and hit the road? Your bag is packed, locked in the trunk for your weekend trip; you’re checking traffic and already texted your buddies an ETA, but then you realize… you forgot to stock your cooler with beer.

Now this would be fine if it were any other weekend trip, you could just pick up something run-of-the-mill along the way, but this particular trip is with your true craft enthusiast buddies. They even told you when planning this fishing trip that the juicier the brew, the hungrier the fish get. Those rainbow trout will practically leap into your hands when they see the glimmery reflection of sun on a Glitter Parts can.

Thankfully, we’re bringing you the quickest and easiest way to find out what’s in our fridge: text “FRIDGE” to 267-214-4211 for an instant update. You can stop by and pick up something to surprise your buddies right before you hop on 202 and high-tail out of town a lucky fishing trip weekend.