Levante takes Beer Back to the 18th Century

Levante takes Beer Back to the 18th Century

April 18th, 2016

The story behind our “Earl of Newlin” colonial tea beer, brought to you by Philly Mag

…So what’s in the beer? “We wanted to use ingredients primarily that they could have gotten, so the Fuggles variety of hops from Great Britain is one of the oldest variety of hops that we know of them using,” says Floros. Aside from the hops, which are being used to balance out the sweetness of the beer, they’re putting in grains of paradise (commonly used in place of pepper in colonial recipes).

The beer is being fermented with London Ale Yeast, a strain that the colonials would have had access to. For the secondary fermentation, they’ve added black tea leaves infused with orange oil, and they plan to “dry-leaf” (like dry-hopping, but with tea leaves) the beer to accentuate the black tea flavor…

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