Our Crew

Current Head Brewer, Greg Harris, walked into Levante before we had a bar. He sampled The Chief  IPA in a plastic cup served from a folding table. In a swift swig, he tasted the deep-rooted quality-focus then envisioned potential for growth. Ever since, he’s consumed (literally and figuratively) all that it takes to design cutting edge recipes. 

Greg, along with founding member and Brewmaster Tim Floros, has trained our brew crew to precisely translate recipes into fruition. Each member of the “brew crew” completed an apprenticeship in the brew house to learn the daily expectations of working in a quality-focused brewery. Attention to detail and acute awareness are expected, but passion for the craft drives our brewers in at 4 am. Our packaging specialist has them taste-testing a Cloudy and Cumbersome by 5 am.

Like any budding company, our employees are multi-dimensional. Members of our brew crew have taken charge of Safety Management, QA/QC, Social Media, and patient maintenance of our Barrel and Artisanal Program.

Taproom Team

Just like brewers, our taproom team possesses a strong passion for craft. Each team member has the expertise to guide your tasting experience, whether you’re new to craft beer or just don’t know which IPA to try next! They value your tasting notes and opinions, which get passed on to the brewers before designing the next recipe. Thanks to our team members, the final presentation of our beer is equivalent to every crucial step along the brewing process.