When are you open?

Levante is currently open on:

  • Tuesdays: 4pm – 10pm
  • Wednesdays: 4pm to 10pm
  • Thursdays: 4pm to 11pm
  • Fridays: 11am to 11pm
  • Saturdays: 11am to 11pm
  • Sundays: 11am to 9pm 

What cans are available in the fridge?

That’s easy, text “fridge” to 267-214-4211! You can also text “truck” for today’s food truck, “hours” for when we’re open, and “tap” for our current draft list.

Can friends or family come that are under 21?

Yes, minors are permitted at Levante however they must be accompanied by a legal guardian or supervisor who is directly responsible for the minor’s care and conduct while at our brewery.

Do you have food?

Food trucks are on site Wednesday – Sunday to provide you with a variety of food options. They stay on site to about 9pm each evening. Text “truck” to 267-214-4211 to find out what truck is on site! You’re also welcome to bring your own food with you to Levante. 

Is Levante Dog friendly?

Yes, dogs are allowed on site, but only outside of the brewhouse and taproom. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times. Dogs that demonstrate poor social behaviors with other dogs or who are not properly house trained will be asked to leave the property. There are grassy areas for dogs to “do their business” if necessary, but please remember to pick up after Fido. We have a dog-waste station for your convenience on the premises. 
Some additional details around bringing dogs to Levante.

  • We allow one dog per person (handler). If you wish to bring more than one dog with you, kindly entrust the care and responsibility of that dog to a friend or family member.
  • Dogs must remain on the ground, there can be no dogs on table tops or chairs.
  • Poor social behaviors are defined as: barking, snarling or growling, pulling or over excitability. If we witness any of these behaviors, you’ll be asked to remove your dog from the establishment.
  • A dog who demonstrates aggressive behaviors towards another customer will be permanently banned.
  • Any dog who gets into a physical altercation with another animal will be permanently banned.
  • If a customer complains about your dog, there is no option but to ask that your dog leave the taproom area.

Again, thank you for you cooperation and understanding. We love your K9 children and support K9 and other animal welfare programs. We just want everyone to feel safe and comfortable.

Do you host private events?

Levante’s taproom can be rented for private events on days that the taproom is closed.  We can arrange for food service, tours and other ammenities as requested.  Please contact events@levantebrewing.com to schedule any private event needs.

Do you provide tours?

Yes, and we would be delighted to take you and your family and friends inside the brewhouse and discuss the entire process of brewing beer at Levante. We must insist that you wear closed-toe shoes if you plan on touring our brewhouse. We currently do not operate a schedule for tours, but rather conduct them for you when asked. Ask any of our taproom team members for a tour!

Do you have TVs?

We don’t have televisions. Our model is to entertain you through quality craft beer, great food and even greater conversation. While we encourage you to put down your mobile devices and engage with our friendly team and other customers, you can stream content via our in-house WiFi if you like. You may bring board games and other entertainment options with you. We provide several on site as well. 

What about gluten Free options?

While it’s not 100% gluten free, we make our own cider called “Hestia’s Harvest”. It is a hard cider at 4.9% ABV.  We produce this product in the same facility and with the same equipment as our beer. In addition, our yeast for the cider is propagated in beer so it’s not 100% gluten free, but close.  
Bottled water can also be purchased for a small fee. Tap water is provided free.

Do you sell/fill growlers?

We will fill any 32oz and 64oz growler. You can purchase a Levante growler for $5 or feel free to bring your own. NOTE:  Not all of our beers are available for growler fills. Please call or check our updated beer listing for more information. When you purchase a growler from us, it is not for on-site consumption.

Can you sell me a keg?

You can purchase half-keg and sixtels from the taproom of many of our beers, however there are limitations based on inventory on hand. There is a $90 keg deposit that we’ll refund you once you bring the empty keg back. Need a tap, a beer bucket?  We can provide that as well. We cannot fill an empty keg from another brewery.

Are you cash only or do you accept cards?

We accept all major credit cards.

Do you sell gift cards?

Gift cards can be purchased at the brewery taproom in any amount you wish.

Do you support charity events?

We have made and will continue to make charitable donations to local Chester County, PA causes as well as our continued philanthropy to the treatment and cure for Cancer, the humane treatment of animals and support of our men and women in uniform. Inquiries involving charities should be sent to events@levantebrewing.com

I own a bar/restaurant, how do I get your beer on tap?

Well first off, thank you! We would be honored to work with you and your establishment.  Levante beers can be found in 125+ bars and restaurants in Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery counties in PA and now in Center City Philadelphia.Inquiries involving beer sales should be sent to sales@levantebrewing.com

Are you guys hiring?

We are always considering additions to Team Levante. We’re a startup, we’re fiesty, we’re kicking and scratching our way through this passionately and with high energy. We make mistakes, we celebrate learning from them, we jump up and down when things go well for us and the customer, but most importantly we are a family, we are Team Levante and it takes a special caliber of person to hop on the bus with us. Is that you? Tell us about yourself! Employment opportunities should be sent to info@levantebrewing.com.

Can I bring my own alcohol to Levante?

You may bring an unopened bottle of wine, purchased from a PA State store. We will serve it to you. We do not charge a corking fee.

Do you sell “crowlers”?

Yes we have 32 ounce crowlers (think growler + can) for sale. Not all of our beers are available for crowler fills. Please call or check our updated beer listing for more information. When you purchase a crowler from us, it is not for on-site consumption.

Does Levante have live bands perform at the brewery?

Very rarely will Levante have musicians perform at the brewery.  The acts we work with are acoustic solo or duo artists, not full size production bands, who are long time associates of the brewery. While we greatly appreciate your interest in performing at Levante, we simply aren’t a live music establishment.

Do you reserve tables?

We will reserve tables upon request when space is available. Please contact events@levantebrewing.com

No Solicitation

Levante does not permit solicitation of any product, brand, service at the brewery or taproom.