Oreo Scenario

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Remember when you got a boo-boo as a kid, and after you got a band-aid, your parents gave you a big glass of milk with some Oreos on the side just begging to be dunked. Well this is it in beer form. “Oreo Scenario” is a chocolate milk stout brewed with double-stuff Oreos. Oh, and if you’re a mint-chocolate-chip fan, we doubled-down and brewed another version of this beer with fresh peppermint, simply called “Mint Oreo Scenario”.

The base is a chewy dessert-like stout with Ghirardelli cacao powder and lactose sugar sprinkled on top. To garnish the glass, we added a grocery cart full of Oreos for a simply nostalgic experience.

Beer Name:Oreo Scenario

Beer Style:Imperial Pastry Stout

ABV %:8