Fruit Fetish (Peach & Passionfruit)

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Photo of Fruit Fetish (Peach & Passionfruit)

A tart fruit ale reminiscent of an Italian soda with velvety lactose, sweet peach, and passionfruit puree added after fermentation. The kettle souring process that we use calls for an extra curricular fermentation to take place in the brew kettle prior to brew day, where lactose is added, lending a soft biscuity mouth feel and a slightly tart finish to this spritzy gem.

*Because of the presence of highly fermentable fruit puree, we strongly recommend keeping this can refrigerated after purchase. Please keep cold and enjoy fresh.*

Beer Name:Fruit Fetish (Peach & Passionfruit)

Beer Style:Tart Fruit Ale

ABV %:6.2