Fruit Fetish – Finesse (Cherry-Vanilla)

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Photo of Fruit Fetish – Finesse (Cherry-Vanilla)

Fruit Fetish Cherry Vanilla Finesse is making your lip balm pop! Cherries, vanilla, pineapple, blood orange and passion fruit play nicely with lactose sugar providing a creamy mouthfeel, which is delicately soured with Lactobacillus cultures in the kettle. A fine spritz of carbonation accentuates the tart kick of this Italian soda inspired fruited ale.

This version of our Fruit Fetish has both the “sweet” and the “tart” for that sweetheart of yours. Lip smacking goodness in every sip. It’s like a mini fruit salad washing across your tongue.

*Due to the presence of fruit and active yeast, this can must be kept cold at all times.*

*Contains Lactose*

Beer Name:Fruit Fetish (Cherry-Vanilla Finesse)

Beer Style:Tart Fruit Ale

ABV %:6.6