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Photo of A Comedy of Errors

A Comedy of Errors

As complex as the play, this light and frothy New England style IPA grew more and more bewildering and was brewed four times before getting it right. Finally Citra, Galaxy and Mosaic hops joined a cast of familiar malt and adjunct thespians and the final act ends in happiness, inviting you to discuss the possible comedic errors involved, and make full your satisfaction. *Contains Lactose*

Beer Name:A Comedy of Errors

Beer Style:NE IPA with Lactose

ABV %:6


Photo of Art Camp Series: Plum

Art Camp Series: Plum

Welcome to Art Camp, our fruited sour series where rotating fresh fruit mingles for months with our house sour Brett culture. For today’s session of Art Camp, we added juicy plum that brings stone-fruit sweetness to this saison’s Chardonnay-forward base.

Beer Name:Art Camp Series: Plum

Beer Style:Barrel Aged Brett Saison

ABV %:7.2



Photo of Oreo Scenario

Oreo Scenario

Remember when you got a boo-boo as a kid, and after you got a band-aid, your parents gave you a big glass of milk with some Oreos on the side just begging to be dunked. Well this is it in beer form. “Oreo Scenario” a chocolate milk stout brewed with double-stuff Oreos is on tap this Wednesday. Oh, and if you’re a mint-chocolate-chip fan, we doubled-down and brewed another version of this beer with fresh peppermint, simply called “Mint Oreo Scenario”.

The base is a chewy dessert-like stout with Ghirardelli cacao powder and lactose sugar sprinkled on top. To garnish the glass, we added a grocery cart full of Oreos for a simply nostalgic experience.

Beer Name:Oreo Scenario

Beer Style:Imperial Pastry Stout

ABV %:8



Photo of Dewdrop Mornings

Dewdrop Mornings

A refreshing Citrus infused White Ale with Lemongrass, Orange Peel, and Coriander added to the boil. A hint of Rye malt ties together this flavorful Spring offering.

Beer Name:Dewdrop Mornings

Beer Style:Citrus Infused White Ale

ABV %:5

Seasonal Availability:Spring


Photo of Functioning Cog

Functioning Cog

This Saison possesses subtle sweetness from a combination of specialty malts, including a touch of Rye. Our house Saison yeast strain lends a gentle zest, akin to freshly squeezed lemon wedges over chamomile tea. A splash of Mosaic and Amarillo varieties in the dry-hopping stage finish the beer with aromatics of stone fruit, honey, and endless meadows.

Beer Name:Functioning Cog

Beer Style:Dry-Hopped Saison

ABV %:6.9



Photo of Fluffy Stuff

Fluffy Stuff

*Contains Lactose*
We wanted to pack all the fluffy springtime clouds into a hazy IPA, so we used lactose sugar in the boil. A creamy mouthfeel rests beneath a fruit basket of hops, 5 varieties to be exact in the dry-hopping stage.

Beer Name:Fluffy Stuff

Beer Style:NE IPA with Lactose

ABV %:5.8



Photo of Decadent Tourist

Decadent Tourist

Strolling alongside the Rhine River in Düsseldorf, Germany, a tourist finds malt-forward decadence in the form of this crisp, reddish-brown classic style. You can stop in any brewpub along the Rhine and find your local taste of authenticity, a pint defined and refined through centuries of brewing. We’ll save you the trip to Düsseldorf, so you can drink like a Decadent Tourist at home in West Chester, PA.

Beer Name:Decadent Tourist

Beer Style:Altbier

ABV %:5



Photo of Haze and the Giant Peach

Haze and the Giant Peach

Roald Dahl documented the journey of James and the Giant Peach, which magically grew to the size of a house, only to snap from the incapable branch and roll to the sea. The only part of this peach’s journey that Dahl didn’t document is when we rolled it into our brewhouse and used it as a fermentor for this hazy NE IPA. Ripe with notes of fuzzy peach and Madagascar vanilla, this peach-bomb is sure to whisk you away on a hoppy voyage.

Beer Name:Haze and the Giant Peach

Beer Style:NE IPA with Peach

ABV %:5.7


Seasonal Availability:Released 4/20


Photo of Accufunkture


A 100% Brett ale aged for 5 months in white wine barrels. Soft notes of Chardonnay make this an approachable choice for any white wine drinker. Residual sweetness in the malt bill accompanies a semi-sharp oakiness from barrel aging.

Beer Name:Accufunkture

Beer Style:Barrel Aged Brett Saison

ABV %:7


Photo of Landing Gear

Landing Gear

From a muffled microphone: “This is your captain speaking. Thank you for traveling with Levante Brewing tonight. Make sure to reset your watches, which are lagged back on the East Coast time zone, home of our house yeast strain. You probably slept over Midwest grain fields, but our brewers fill you in with a sweet and encapsulating malt bill in this double IPA. Fasten your seatbelts as we prepare for landing, and get ready to smell dank resin and floral Amarillo hops, some of the best the West Coast has to offer.”

Beer Name:Landing Gear

Beer Style:Bi-coastal DIPA

ABV %:8



Photo of Treebeard’s Galaxy

Treebeard’s Galaxy

Treebeard is the eldest Ent in J. R. R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth realm. When the wicked Morgoth decimated forests, spirits were sent to inhabit the trees, thus spawning Ents like leafy-haired Treebeard. For this New England IPA, we flooded the fermentor with Galaxy hops just as the army of Ents flooded Isengard in Lord of the Rings: the Two Towers.

By drinking Treebeard’s Galaxy, you #ElevateYourCommunity by helping plant new trees in Westtown’s own Oakbourne Park.

Beer Name:Treebeard's Galaxy

Beer Style:NE IPA

ABV %:6.1



Photo of Athena’s Harvest (Tart Cherry Cider)

Athena’s Harvest (Tart Cherry Cider)

Athena is the Greek Goddess of war but displays prudent restraint, which we honor by balancing tart and sweet in this ruby-hued cider. Macintosh apples provide the crisp base for slightly sour Montmorency cherries, discovered by Roman legionnaires in France and planted alongside ancient roads to provide sweet sustenance for travelers. Athena’s Harvest is a glowing pint with notes of black cherry marmalade and orchard-sharp refreshment.

Beer Style:Cherry Cider

ABV %:5.5



Photo of Corner Store Candy

Corner Store Candy

Sweet raspberry puree, tart pucker and a touch of saltiness, everything you wanted as a child from the corner store. Moderate sourness will pinch your cheeks, just like Grandma did before she handed you a quarter for some sweet Corner Store Candy.

Beer Style:Raspberry Gose

ABV %:4.2


Photo of Monta Puentes – Collaboration with La Cabra Brewing

Monta Puentes – Collaboration with La Cabra Brewing

The first official collaboration between Levante and La Cabra Brewing (Berwyn, PA). We blended the styles, skill-sets, and passions of our brewers to come up with a distinctly tart and fruity IPA dry hopped with Citra, Simcoe, and Azacca hops.

Beer Style:Sour IPA

ABV %:7.8

Seasonal Availability:Released June 2017


Photo of Esmeralda


This Belgian Specialty Ale was made exclusively for barrel-aging. The robust and ruby malt base with notes of caramelized chestnuts and brown sugar is aged for 14 months in Cabernet Sauvignon barrels, which gift fruity esters and a gentle presence of tannins. Lactobacillus and Pediococcus wild yeast strains patiently impart tart notes of black cherry atop this beautifully balanced beer – Gentle Esmerelda.

Beer Style:Belgian Specialty Ale - Barrel Aged

ABV %:6.2


Seasonal Availability:Fall/Winter


Photo of Dice Dice Baby (Aged in Apple Brandy Barrels)

Dice Dice Baby (Aged in Apple Brandy Barrels)

Dice, Dice, Baby was Brewed specially for Philly Beer Week in collaboration with our friends from the iconic Philadelphia craft beer landmark, Fergie’s Pub. This version of Dice, Dice, Baby was aged in Apple Brandy Barrels, so some refer to this matured beer as Dice, Dice, Toddler. A refreshing Golden Ale is brewed with local clover honey paying homage to “The Old Country”, Fergie’s Ireland.

Beer Style:Belgian Strong Golden Ale

ABV %:8

Seasonal Availability:Released for Philly Beer Week 2017


Photo of PB King’s: Dub-C Midnight Stout

PB King’s: Dub-C Midnight Stout

A King-sized peanut butter stout made for West Chester, the Dub-C! A robust and roasty chocolate-malt base turns velvety smooth thanks to powdered lactose additions in the boil. Spoonfuls of Peanut Butter in every pint will stick to the roof of your mouth in this sweet stout. Lastly, catch a dash of sea salt sprinkled on top of this King-sized liquid dessert.

Beer Style:Peanut Butter Imperial Milk Stout

ABV %:9


Seasonal Availability:Winter


Photo of Charlietown Trail Ale

Charlietown Trail Ale

The first thing we did was book a hotel room for an inspirational weekend getaway. We stayed in the very laid back community of Portland, Maine, and came across a refreshing locally brewed Trail Ale that gave us an idea. Charlietown is clean and crisp, with pleasant fruity and floral aromatics. Named after our Brew Dog, Charlie, and made for every beer drinker in our community, Charlietown Trail Ale is brewed to be enjoyed outdoors while taking in the beautiful things that this change in seasons offers us.

Beer Style:Trail Ale

ABV %:5



Photo of The Kerouac

The Kerouac

How far will our brewers venture to use a new ingredient in a unique beer? This time, not too far. We walked right next door to the Artisan Exchange and rented a kitchen; we washed, roasted, and pureed 40 pounds of golden beets to add to this small-batch saison, named after an eminent author of the beat generation. Golden beets radiate sweet and earthy notes, without the harsh acidity of red beets. Expect a touch of nuttiness in this crisp saison, and you’ve met your veggie quota for the day!

Beer Name:The Kerouac

Beer Style:Beet Saison

ABV %:6.7



Photo of Fruit Fetish (cherry, cranberry, soursop, tangerine)

Fruit Fetish (cherry, cranberry, soursop, tangerine)

We love fruit, and we’re not afraid to admit it. Fruit Fetish is a Tart Fruit Ale reminiscent of an Italian soda with sweet cherry, cranberry, soursop, and tangerine puree added after fermentation. The kettle souring process that we use calls for an extra curricular fermentation to take place in the brew kettle prior to brew day, where lactose is added, lending a soft biscuity mouth feel and a slightly tart finish to this spritzy gem.

Beer Name:Fruit Fetish (cherry, cranberry, soursop, tangerine)

Beer Style:Tart Fruit Ale

ABV %:6.2%